Paint Whitewash

Exterior paint and whitewash works make the structure look better aesthetically and make it more beneficial in terms of durability. Within the scope of paint and whitewash works, the climatic conditions of the building and the characteristics of the surface to be worked on are important.

More moisture and water resistant paints, that is, silicone exterior paints, should be preferred for buildings located in regions with heavy rainfall. In buildings that receive less precipitation and are exposed to the sun too much, more light-colored and sun-resistant paints should be used. In addition, in buildings with uneven plaster and in need of renovation, choosing grainy paints instead of plain paints helps to close the surface gaps under the paint.

There are 4 different types of paint used in paint whitewashing works. These are acrylic exterior paints, silicone exterior paints, grainy exterior paints and elastic exterior paints.